Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A flexible model for LMS course design

Recently I have been working with a number of faculty at Unitec NZ to develop courses in the LMSs we have (Moodle and Blackboard). Alongside the adaptation of existing courses and activities, often staff will be at a loss as to what they really want to include in an LMS course.

It was suggested that faculty, alongside considerations of how they will adapt specific activities using the ICTELT model and framework, draw up a mindmap that identifies the main functionality and design of the LMS course they wish to use. However, some faculty found this a challenge, so I have developed the following mindmap 'model'. It is flexible and users of it are encouraged to change it to suit their purposes. You will need to go to the Mindomo site where the map is hosted to view it properly.

Although the central starting point of the mindmap is labelled "course" it could just as easily be a Community of Practice, a department, or a support unit that wishes to improve their communication. Users, therfore, should change or omit any of the elements that are irrelevant to them.

Any feedback that you might have on what I have missed out, or suggestions for improvement would be very much appreciated.

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