Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Evaluating feedback and collaborating at conferences

Bettina Schwenger and I recently presented at The student experience: HERDSA 2009 in Darwin. As part of the presentation we asked participants to add details to the mindmap pictured below - the original mindmap only included the nodes that have images. Participants collaborated in pairs or small groups to add to the mindmaps, and we collected all of their contributions at the end of the session. The results have been collated and added to the original mindmap, which has created an insightful visual resource into beliefs around Professional Development and the embedding of Literacy, Language and Numeracy into programmes.

At the end of the presentation we asked for evaluation of our session via sticky notes that were left on the door as people left, and received some very positive comments which have been collated below. In particular, it was reassuring to see the comments about the transferability and generalisability of the model in particular, and the approach to PD as a whole.


Feedback from the participants at the session:
  • Well presented and food for thought in dealing with resistant teaching staff. Thank you
  • Great project. Well done
  • Great model (transferable to any T& L context or group) for meaningful PD engagement of academics. (Could be replicated with students)
  • Generalisable model. Thanks
  • Inspiring. Good stuff
  • Provoking. Thanks for some great ideas
  • Thought provoking.
  • Breaking down barriers
  • Interesting pictures on slides
  • Nice symbolism
  • Used accessible terminology
  • Excellent. Good job. Well done.
Link to the 'live' mindmap (pictured below): (you will need to access the online version to be able to view the full mindmap :-) )

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