Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How to embed an .swf into a Moodle Book

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This video covers the basic steps around how to embed an .swf file into a Moodle Book specifically, but it will work with most Moodle spaces with HTML. I would like to thank the creators of this page for the code, and you may want to get the instructions there if you prefer written text and screen grabs. The code is included below in an image so you can copy it into your Moodle site, or, for a quick solution, visit the link to the site above and copy/paste it directly. Many thanks to Rachel who worked out that to stop the video playing as soon as you open the page you add into the code string autostart="false" (from

Click HERE  to watch the video full size.

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Rachel said...

Thanks Hazel very timely i had been trying to work that one out for myself today copying and pasting and tweaking code from other places and not getting it right! So now i can do it phew - a little plugin tool would make it easier though.

Rachel said...

Actually though now need to work out how to control it so the video doesn't start until you click on it otherwise you can have a number of video on your page and once it loads they all go off at once. Done that before. hmmmmm

Rachel said...

Wahoo i worked it out. Sorry for all the extra comments. Add into the code string autostart="false" from

Hazel Owen said...

Hi Rachel - great to hear that it was useful...and many thanks for that extra bit of code - I hadn't figured that out, so really useful :-)