Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Alternative approaches to assessment

Paul Denny from the University of Auckland has created a system that students use to "develop course-based multiple-choice questions and accompanying explanations to share with other learners. These questions are used by others for studying, critiquing and discussing. Each question is rated for difficulty and quality. The process of answering, evaluating and discussing questions developed by their peers enables students to compare their performance and understanding with that of other students studying the same material" (quote from this page).

Please watch the video to hear what the lecturers and students who have been using Peerwise think, and then feel free to answer some or all of the questions below, or to contribute your own thoughts and experiences around alternative approaches to assessment.

  • What were your reactions to the video? Anything strike you as particularly controversial?
  • What are your reactions to the concept of students creating assessment questions?
  • Have you encouraged your own students to develop (or co-develop) their assessments?
  • What might be the positive aspects of getting learners involved in assessment writing in this way? Negatives?
  • Are there any sector-specific considerations?
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