Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Second Life in the Language Classroom (Belma Gaukrodger at Sharefest)

Belma asked some questions first to see who has learned a second language, is a language teacher, and would like to learn a second language. She then posed the question "What is Second Life", and there were some great conversations around the literal and methaphorical meanings of second life.
A self-process novice, Belma is first and foremost a language teacher, and she has only Internation students.

The lessons are in computer labs, and Belma was wondering how she could help enagage her students. After attrending a PD session with Claire Atkins she was introduced to Second Life and saw an opportuntiy to motivate students. Anecdotally, to date, the approach has been very effective as far as engagment and raising interest in the learning of English.
Logo from the video game Second LifeImage via WikipediaBelma then showed a couple of videos that introduced Second Life as an envrionment and what you can do there. One specific example was Cypris Village which is a space for learning English.

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