Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Steve Wheeler speaks about Open Educational Resources and academic publishing

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Steve Wheeler made this video recording for Core Ed while he was at the Ulearn conference in New Zealand in October 2010. In it he speaks about Open Educational Practices, (including Open Educational Resources and Open Scholarship).

An excerpt from his blog reads "OEP requires everything to be open - for access, scrutiny and repurposing. So whether it's licensing agreements such as Copyleft or Creative Commons, or open access journals, or even massively online open courses, the open educational practices are gaining ground and influence in the academic world". He gives some examples of free courses, where students only pay once they want to become accredited, advising that this is a flexible way of learning that fits in with lifestyle and personal preferences.

Steve closes by asking of this the beginning of the end for traditional academic publishing. Watch the video and see if you agree with him.

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