Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Opportunity: Video conferencing with Social Studies Students in Calgary, Canada


If you feel your learners would like the opportunity of making connections and working with social studies students in Canada (14–17 years of age), this could be what you have been looking for!! Art Koop has sent out a request to link up via video conferencing to start a dialogue. Please have a look through the email below (which also has Art's email address), and contact him directly if you and your students are interested.

Would love to hear how it goes!!

Subject: Canada link Classroom video conferencing


I am a high school Social Studies teacher in Canada, teaching grade 10 and grade 11 students (14 – 17 years of age). Our grade 10 curriculum is focused on the broad topic of globalization, and our grade 11 curriculum is focused on the broad topic of nationalism. I don’t know what your curricular areas of focus are in New Zealand, but it seems to me that it could benefit students in both our countries to have a video conferencing link, and set up a sort of international dialogue during a class or two.

Nothing says ‘globalization’ like video conferencing across national borders, and I’m sure that various nationalist forces are at work within New Zealand as they are here. I believe that it would be possible to link classes in New Zealand, taking place in the morning, with late afternoon classes here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, to mutual benefit.

Would you be willing and able to send me contact information, or a videoconferencing address, for particular classroom teachers who may have an interest in carrying out such an endeavour? Or, would it be possible for you to forward this email to such teachers so that they could get in contact with me?

Thanks for your time!

Art Koop (I go by my middle name)
Koop, John A <JAKoop@cbe.ab.ca>

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