Thursday, June 9, 2011

What is 'real Learning'?

The Power Inquiry final report - Power to the ...Image via WikipediaIn this keynote presentation from ULearn 2011 Lane Clark begins by challenging the audience with a possible vision of the youth of the near future.From this point she moves on to exploring the relationship and differences between knowing how to think and knowing how to learn, concluding that “It’s not what you know, but how you learn that’s important”. She (with gentle humour) asks questions such as: Does 'real world learning compare to school learning? Are they the same? Are there overlaps?, and cautions through a personal story that having an interest in something does not necessarily mean that it is relevant.

Weaving experiences with her own students into her overview of her take on 'real learning' which she feels is bigger than inquiry. Links to some of the resources she uses, as well as detailed notes that were taken during her session are below.

After you have watched the video, please add comments, thoughts, and ideas in the discussion below. You might also want to ask yourself:
  • Is what your students doing authentic learning? Is it really inquiry learning?
  • How far could you and your students go together using approaches such as those suggested by Lane Clark?
  • Or are you already using some of these approaches? How are your students responding?
Inquiry Learning Toolbox - Lane Clark.pdf
Notes taken during the session

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