Monday, February 20, 2012

Inquiry learning - from knowledge to understanding

Jane Nicholls recommends, "another video for your toolbox, this time one from NZ Curriculum Online". Jane goes on to say that if you are an educator working with an inquiry learning approach with your students, or who would like to consider doing so this video "explains the heart of inquiry better than I have heard before". "Vic Hygate explains how she carefully focuses her planning, then uses events and provocative statements to make inquiry relevant and fully engage her students". Vic Hygate opens the video by saying:
The biggest difference for me as a teacher with ‘inquiry’ is it’s that shifting your students from knowing about their world to understanding their world - and understanding is so much more than knowledge!

Jane leaves us with the following question: 'How do you use inquiry learning to move from knowledge to understanding?".

Please click this link to view the video.
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