Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How the brain works...and how emotional stability at home is the single greatest predictor of academic success!

DK shared this video of a keynote from ISTE 2011 by Dr John Medina. Dr Medina is an entertaining definitely won't fall asleep!! :-) He starts by exploding myths such as right brain / left brain 'ways of thinking'. And "the emotional stability of the home is the single greatest predictor of academic success bar none"!!
Roughly "if all you do is memorise you are in danger of creating a bunch of robots", and if all you do is work on creativity without revisiting key concepts you "run the danger of creating a bunch of people who can only play the air guitar".

DK advises "Feed your brain with insights on how it learns from Dr John Medina, last years ISTE 2011 opening keynote presentation. Great for teachers, educators and other mortals... how do you learn?"

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