Monday, May 7, 2012

How do you facilitate synchronous sessions? Please share your effective practices...

Karen Melhuish made the following post, with the following request to share your wisdome and your experiences:
"You may have seen a number of online workshops - (sometimes called web conferences or webinars) - offered by Enabling e-Learning, VPL-D and other groups over the last few months.
Online workshops offer another pathway for learners that can be efficient and flexible (meeting in your pyjamas, anyone?;-), but the distance and lack of face-to face can also present particular challenges to facilitators, as well as participants.
The big question is: how do you design and facilitate an online workshop in ways that support learners to achieve the goals?

Hazel Owen (VPL-D) and myself have decided to kick-start this work and offer this shared Google doc as a starting point for sharing ideas.

>>>>Running Online Workshops

Feel free to add in...
  • advice
  • facilitation strategies
  • stories of effective practice
  • readings and research
...and do please share your questions in this thread, too. Everyone welcome:-)"
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