Thursday, July 5, 2012

Scoop from Edsurge: One thing every school needs to make it work - great bandwidth

Fresh off the digital 'press' from Edsurge (thanks to Betsy Corcoran and her team), is the (audacious) educationsuperhighway. The article really caught my eye as the initiative in the US seems to have several parallels with the Ultra-fast and Rural broadband initiativesin New Zealand. While there are also some big differences, there might be points that could be learned from, such as "templates...[that] show schools how to ensure that they distribute that bandwidth effectively throughout the schools, as too often connectivity shrinks at the campus threshold".
The overview from Edsurge reads:
There's one thing that every school needs to make it work: great bandwidth. Reports suggest that connections exist but too often connectivity is simply not reliable enough for teachers to count on it being available. Now serial entrepreneur, Evan Marwell, hopes to solve this problem. "My end goal is that every school has 100 Megabits per second," he declares. And yes, he's counting all 100,000 or so public schools in the U.S. To take on this audacious goal, Marwell is creating a 501c3 called EducationSuperhighway and a three-step plan. Get the full scoop here.

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Faster broadband is coming - Ministry of Economic Development

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