Friday, September 12, 2008

Collaborating by Design

This is a 'virtual' paper presentation that I gave at EFest 2008 conference in September and it is in video format with a copy of the Elluminate session question and answer session that followed.

The abstract: "The potential of information, communication technology enhanced learning and teaching (ICTELT) is under-utilised even though numerous process models and frameworks are available. Barriers to using many existing models include resource expectations, experience, skills requirements and ownership of a project.

This paper outlines a process model and framework, adapted from earlier examples, developed to help answer the question Where do I start? for practitioners who are unfamiliar with adapting education resources to make effective use of ICTELT. Employing a scaffolded approach appropriate for working in small teams, or as individuals, the guiding questions form the foundation for collaborative discussion of design choices, ICT tool selection, and the incorporation of a range of pedagogical approaches with a variety of tools. The model and framework can be used with new and/or existing programmes, modules, units, sessions, or learning objects, but initially practitioners are encouraged to trial the process on a small scale.

Practical application of the tools is demonstrated by working through an example that was the basis of a research project at Dubai Mens College. The model and framework have not yet been piloted in NZ, and this EFest session offers a collaborative, hands-on opportunity for participants to experiment and evaluate them."

Please cite as:
Owen, H. (2008, September 8-10). Collaborating by Design. Paper presented at the eFest 2008 - Connected Learning Conference, Auckland, NZ.

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