Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Noel on Blogging

This week I went to watch a presentation by Noel ((a third year BDesign student), who was talking about his blog and the experiences he had had using it. After chatting with us for a few minutes, and mentioning how nervous he was he proceeded to confidently showcase his blog to a lecture theatre with about 30 first year students in it. It was superb - he covered how, with Vox, different levels of security could be assigned to each post, how feedback from peers and lecturers was rapid and could be done anywhere, and how each step of a project could be shown in his blog. He also mentioned more in depth discussions, group work, summaries, and even demonstrated how he could take a picture with his mobile phone and upload it there and then. The only downside was the time that blogging took if it was to be done well - but maybe when offset against more traditional ways of project-building, it might not be such a great investment in time, it just seems that way as it is done nearly every day. This is an awesome resource for folk who are trying to persuade faculty why blogs are a good way to go. Many thanks to Noel (and to Thom Cochrane for posting the footage :-)

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