Monday, March 16, 2009

Bookmarking and sharing with Twine

Over the last few days I have been using a new tool - Twine -designed for bookmarking, describing, tagging, sharing, finding and commenting on resources and tools on the Internet. I've found it really easy to use, and it has performed seamlessly on both my Mac and my PC. There are also a wide range of people using Twine, especially around the subject of eLearning, Web 2.0, and collaborative creation of knowledge. So far, I have found no down sides!


Anonymous said...

I like the interface, but wondering how Twine is different to/better than bookmarking sites like Diigo? Is there anything Twine can do that Diigo can't?

Hazel Owen said...

Hi Simon - a good question :-) The main bonus I found is that Twine worked seamlessly with both my Mac and my PC. Diigo I believe is mainly compatible with PCs. I suspect that Diigo in fact has more functionality than Twine, but if I can't use it with both platforms...! Thanks again for your question. Cheers. Hazel