Wednesday, April 14, 2010

ICTELT in action: Applying ICT Enhanced Learning (Slideshow and audio)

This was a paper given at ACEC 2010 (
Please cite as: Owen, H. (2010). ICTELT in action: Applying ICT enhanced learning. ACEC2010: Digital Diversity. Retrieved from

"At Unitec NZ practitioners have been involved in adapting existing programmes, and developing new ones, which integrate and exploit Information Communication Technology Enhanced Learning and Teaching (ICTELT). Although practitioners are frequently experienced course designers, they often focus on the technology as opposed to effective pedagogy and practice, and are sometimes overwhelmed by factors such as time pressure and ICT skills requirements.
The ICTELT process model, conceptual design framework, mindmap and self-diagnostic tools were therefore developed to guide practitioners through the design, implementation, and evaluation process. The resulting scaffolded approach is appropriate for small teams or individuals working with limited resources, as well as those working within highly-resourced environments. The structure of the ICTELT model is flexible enough for practitioners to blend approaches of their choice, while also encouraging the alignment of pedagogical perspectives and practice. Furthermore, an iterative approach is encouraged whereby a design is developed, piloted, evaluated, revisited, modified and re-evaluated over time.
This paper has three main aims. The first is to ground the subject in current literature. Secondly, the ICTELT model and suite of tools will be described. Reference will finally be made to a case study conducted at Unitec NZ, along with associated implications."

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