Sunday, May 30, 2010

Using Multimedia & Smartboards to empower multi-level learners

This video comprises three short recordings. Two of the recordings show the education practitioner, Chris Lovegrove introduce to the students studying the TTEC 5307 Auto Electrical & Electronics at Unitec NZ, the use of videos to help them master the computer programme, Autocad. The third video shows one of the the screencasts Chris Lovegrove made to scaffold his multi-level learners in their use of Autocad. The videos were used by the students during the class to help them complete activities in Autocad, so that Chris could circulate and help students with digital literacy issues, as well as students with problems using Autocad. The videos were accessible to students via the Intranet outside of the class in the Unitec NZ library and other drop-in labs, and students could also copy the videos to Flash drives and watch them at home. Many thanks to Chris Love and the students of the TTEC 5307 Auto Electrical & Electronics for allowing me to take this footage, and for sharing their experiences.

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