Thursday, May 6, 2010

Exploring ePortfolios For Practitioners and ESOL Learners

The presentation is similar to that I gave at Moodle Moot NZ 2010, but with more of an ESOL focus. The accompanying handout can be accessed at:

This session around ePortfolios will briefly consider the ’why’ for learners and teachers (especially those involved in ESOL), explore what is already working (for teachers with learners, and teachers as learners), and finally explore options of possible ePortfolio platforms. The presentation has a strong visual element with several extracts from videos played.

Philosophically, I am a strong advocate of the potential of Web 2.0 to empower learners from all walks of life and cultures, especially after my experiences working for 6 years in the Middle East. In particular, I am interested how ePortfolios can be used in education (especially where Literacy and Language challenges are faced), in Recognition of Prior Learning, and in authentic, applied assessment.

Just to give people who may be interested in this session some background to what I feel the potential of ePortfolios to be this is a recording of a keynote I gave in Australia last year -

Please cite as: Owen, H. (2010). Exploring ePortfolios For Practitioners and ESOL Learners Paper presented at the Department of Language Studies, Unitec, New Zealand.

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