Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Looking for ideas for working with gifted and talented learners?

AFINS logo. AFINS is a non-profit assciation f...Image via WikipediaGifted and talented learners are sometimes seen as the students who already have a head start. However, the challenge is to work with a range of students who are on a continuum - to have sufficient differentiation to maintain motivation and extend learning. A tough ask! However, there are some really useful resources available.

The first set of resources is from the UK and comprise:
For some super examples of projects that are underway you might like to visit the Edgecumbe College space (designed and set up by Anne Sturgess), and the Learn Now projects (designed and coordinated by Jo Gibson)

If you are based in NZ (or even if you're not), you may find the Ministry of Education, TKI resource useful, as there is information and resources available for parents / whanau, students, and teachers. You might also consider joining The New Zealand Association for Gifted Children.

If anyone has any other ideas resources, or great sites - or would like to share their experiences, please pop comments below :-)
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