Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Truly integrated learning???

graph of quadratics with horizontal shiftsImage via WikipediaWe have all heard the discussions around integrated, cross-curricular approaches and project based learning. So what does truly integrated learning look like? This video caught my attention because the school really does seem to have integrated the learning of quadratic functions in a cross-curricular approach. The big questions for me are, how can this approach be extended across an entire school? And how are we going to attempt to assess it? (Current standardised testing would seem to fall far from the mark).

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The description of the video reads: "Integrating cross-curricular teaching of quadratic functions. At Henry Cort Community College it is not just the maths department that teaches quadratic functions. Indeed, teachers from the PE, design technology, science and IT departments all work together with their maths counterparts to teach the subject in a way that interests the students. Henry Cort, in Fareham, is a specialist sports college, so it seems natural to video basketball throws and use movement analysis software to plot the parabolic trajectories. In design technology the students build adjustable table tennis ball launchers and analyse the track of the balls. In the maths lesson, the students use dynamic geometry software to plot quadratic functions that match the flight of the ball, providing a feel for how the various coefficients affect the shape of the graph. Later the pupils go on to look at the science behind projectile movement". 

To watch the video please click HERE.

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