Thursday, October 20, 2011

Apple tools Smacdown - some inspiring ideas?

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The session started in a lively fashion, and the folk facilitating were certainly enthusiastic. To get a good idea of the smacdown you can visit the site here. Overall, the idea is that each the audience get the chance to share "the interesting, cool, funky and fun things we can do using Apple products". Each presenter has exactly 2 minutes to demonstrate the function or neat idea.

The site itself has an archive of suggestions from 2010  (for example this one from Fiona Grant), as well as ones from this year. The presenters from this year have all the hyperlinks as well as a brief description of each of the ideas and tools that were shared on the site (for example Marcus Norrish). It's well worth having a browse through as often they offer extensions to ideas, along with how students reacted and/or how they have made a difference to how people work.

I really enjoyed the participative aspect of the session, as well as the really practical applications and experiences...and a format that could easily be adapted into other learning situations! ;-). One of the things I guess was a bit of a niggle was that the focus was very much on the tools...but that could in part be the format of the session. Still - it is well worth having a look through to see if anything catches your imagination...or maybe point your students in the direction of this site, and see how they develop some of the ideas!!!
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