Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Quick Response (QR) Codes: Examples of use in education

You may, or may not have used or heard of Quick Response (QR) codes...however, some educators and trainers are exploring how and why they may be useful. For a quick explanation of what they are please watch this video.

So, some examples of how QR codes are being used in education.
  • Trades training - Kevin Hall and Mike Crosson are based at Wintec and have been piloting QR codes and video clips in trades training - partly to encourage students to do some revision. They create a resource in Moodle and an associated URLand trial it in advance to make sure that it is mobile compatible. The benefit for students is that they don't have to mess around trying to get a URL ' perfect', and it makes it really easy to grab a link from (with) a mobile phone. (source)
  • Tertiary - Kamuka Pati at Unitec is trialling the use of an iPod and QR) Codes with his construction students. Every group of students is issued with a touch iPod before a class begins. Kamuka has prepared a set of QR codes for his class and each topic (see this video for a demonstration of a QR code being used on site). These QR codes are pinned on the board in the construction zone and this provides students contextualised on-demand information (such as access to 3D models, videos and pictures) that helps the student gain a better understanding of the ‘what and how’ just when it is needed. (Please click here for a more in-depth description, and feedback from the students).
  • K12Vicki Davis, is using QR codes in many ways with her students. She explains: "There are so many great things, but to me, using these in museums and in the "real world" can create some deep learning experiences -- see, now these QR codes are just attached to text, but what happens when they have video, audio, and more attached to them.  Your child who is fascinated by the caveman exhibiltion at the Smithsonian will scan the QR code and have delivered to his cell phone video, audio, perhaps even books (in a Kindle like way) relating to his topic"(source).
  • Primary -Michael Fawcett describes his experience (and gives and example): "I took QR code ideas back to class.  I've played with them before, but last week i had a real use for them.  We have clearfile portfolios for students to share their learning with parents.  Jason wanted to share a blog post that was and audio recording and we couldn't figure out how to do it.  Enter Kaywa QR code generator.  I asked jason if anyone has an iPhone or iPod Touch in his family.  Big thumbs up from Jason. I grabbed the screen with his post on (and comments) using Aviary's Chrome extension; generated a code and combined them into an image.  I added the url of the post too just in case.  We tried it out on my Android phone and... voila - "Jason Says" loud and clear - http://glenviewgo.com/2011/03/25/jason-says/Smile ) (source).

Convinced yet? If you are and would like to know more, this video gives a really clear overview of what QR codes are, how to create and read them, and gives some examples of them in use in education.

Image source - QR Code Cupcakes by clevercupcakes

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