Monday, December 5, 2011

Benchmark yourself: Self reflecting about online teaching

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Maria Northcote kicked off by introducing the moobric ( which has been developed to help people reflect about online teaching. She asked the audience what is 'good online teaching' and then showed the words that came up when she asked her own staff with including authentic, engagement, empowerment etc.

At Avondale College of Higher Education the staff are not that familiar with online environemtns and they often aske 'what is a good online teacher?' and that was one of the motivations to developing the moobric. The Moobric is underpinned by thinking by Oliver, Herrington, Kerns, Salmon etc. The function is to scaffold the identification of knowledge and skills in online teaching and online course design.

The audience was invited to take the moobric and adapt it to their own environment. Maria then showed us the Moobric site and interface, and an example of what it looks like. The Moobric is structured around 3 levels of skills (Muddler, Meddler, and the Mighty Moodler). The rubric is relatively interactive and you can go through and hide the descriptors that do not apply to you giving you a visual representation of where you are 'at' as far as skills are concerned. Very much a self-check tool, and it is the activities that happen before and after that would make it a self reflection tool, and as such it is not a stand alone tool.

It could be something that could be used as is, or modified for other environments. At the moment there are about 35 people in the faculty where Maria works, and they are planning to use the Moobric next year.

Well worth having a look at and could definitely provide a springboard to planning and identifying areas to work on.
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