Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The CAT amongst the pigeons: A reflective framework approach to personalised PD in open, flexible and networked learning

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This is an initiative designed by John Clayton and Richard Elliott (Emerging Technologies Centre). Richard Elliott started the session by asking the question "is there a difference between education and training?". He then used the scenario - "if you had a daughter would you prefer she was having sex education or sex training?". The Competency Assessment Tool is embedded in a reflective framework.

The CAT consists of 5 modules, and has been used with people in a range of countries. The tool has been designed to enable people to assess their current competency in a range of defined activities. The response is designed around 'traffic lights', and at the end you have a pictorial carpet. There are then 3 steps that take the individual through the entire process. An ePortfolio is required as evidence of competent practice.

The tool is adaptable and can be used by pretty much any institution. (http://etc.elearning.ac.nz). Richard demonstrated the tool live, and explained that the tool has been trialled such that the language is not ambiguous, for example.

It is an approach that empowers learners to assess their own competencies and progress. The tool can be used in the appraisal process for staff as well. At the moment it is in Beta form, and the next step is to put a database behind it. At the moment you have to print out the results afterwards.
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