Friday, October 29, 2010

Adobe Connect Web Conferencing unpacked: Follow Up Session

Thursday 28th October 2010 saw the second of the Adobe Connect Web Conferencing unpacked series of free taster sessions offered and facilitated by Kymm McPhail. In a dynamic, interactive session, Kymm encouraged all of the eight participants to explore the Adobe Connect environment.

The session covered

Many thanks to Kymm for an engaging session, and to everyone who attended.

If you missed the session and would like to access the recording the session in Adobe, please click HERE. This will open a separate window and you will be able to play, pause, and to skip through the recording at your own pace.

Some of the things covered in this session are illustrated in these short, step-by-step guides that Kymm has developed and shared. If you share them with anyone else, please attribute Kymm :-) Thank you.
 Today's session followed on from a successful introductory session (please check out the recording, overview and guides by clicking HERE).
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