Monday, February 14, 2011

Paradigm lost and replaced: Mobile learning and mathematics

Mobile phone infoboxImage via WikipediaJoel Dodd asserts that being human is being able to access, generate, store, find, process, interpret and report information. He believes that the model of education that has been used for the last 1,000 years or more has been teacher-focused with the teacher delivering information. Assessments in turn measure a student's ability to 'parrot' back facts with little or no relation with what is happening outside of the school.

The Internet Joel feels offers an opportunity to find out how the students are communicating and learning outside of school, pointing to Facebook and Twitter as two examples. He also suggests that schools rather than banning mobile phones, could tap into the ways in which the students are already communicating and sourcing information.

The information on the site reads: "Joel Dodd is a CORE Education eFellow and is head of faculty for mathematics at Okato, a coastal Taranaki secondary school. In this EDtalk from ULearn10 Joel discusses the loss of a centuries old paradigm for teaching and what is replacing it. Joel argues that students need to be equipped to generate, store, access, find, process, interpret, and report information."

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