Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The conversation prism: Visual way of representing the networking realm

Sometimes, once you have worked through your design stages (and this could be for a whole programme or for an activity), you may then be left wondering what tool would be suit your needs, given the approaches and interactions you have planned for. You might, for example, have decided that you are going to use a problem-based focus and one of the things you would like your learners to do is access experts from all around the world. To do this you might encourage your students to access niche networks.

However - how do you work out the connections, and find out what is available? Bring on the following two diagrams: Pedagogical underpinnings to ICTELT design and The Conversation Prism. The first looks at some possible pedagogical approaches, and ties them with activities. The second outlines broad communications and interactions, and then suggests a few of the tools that could be accessed and used by your students. I've found it really useful...and it would be good to know if you have any examples or suggestions how you have used these tools :-)

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