Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Webquests and ePortfolios - both free :-)

The following resources were recommended by a member of an online community, John Oliver.

This Webquest site looks great. There are Webquests created and shared by educators from around the world, and covering a heap of different disciplines (geography, economics, history, culture, drama to name but a few). Each of the Webquests states the key focus and grade level, and everything is tagged for easy location of resources. You can also contribute your own.
The second resource is a free ePortfolio service - Foliji- which describes itself as "the easiest way to build your own folios (portfolio, website, webpage) and it provides both the structure and a template for you. It is a web-based software for creating folios in a short time without writing any HTML codes." There is also a handy, step-by-step "how to" video that shows you how to set up your own ePortfolio.

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